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You can’t survive on music alone- Rev. Thomas Yawson


Music is one of the greatest inventions of all times. It has provided job opportunities for people all around world.

Rev. Thomas Yawson, who is a gospel musician and acting 2nd Vice President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), has advised his colleagues to have other jobs so they are not found wanting when disaster strikes or in times of need.

The novel coronavirus disease has affected the world’s economy and impacting incomes with the entertainment industry as well.

Apart from song sales, many musicians survive on performances and the prolonged ban on social gatherings has really had a negative effect on some artistes’ pockets.

Rev. Thomas Yawson, expressed his vital opinion after a donation to the Ga East Municipal Hospital by some Gospel musicians, coronavirus has driven home the fact that artistes can’t survive on music alone.

“Music is the only work most of the artistes do so we’ve been hit hard. This has given us a signal that we shouldn’t rely only on the music but find other ways that can earn us extra income,” he said.

Due to their current situation, Rev. Thomas Yawson said that it wasn’t easy getting the artistes to contribute to the donation.

“We had to convince them to contribute and it wasn’t easy. We realized that it could be any of us and we could be crying for other people’s help. It’s just by the grace of God we are not in that situation.

“We are praying that God will grant us the freedom again to go about our daily duties so that we can extend a helping hand to musicians who are old and sick. Now that MUSIGA has set up a donation team, I pray that people will come to our aid so that we can support the elderly in the industry,” he stated.

Rev. Thomas Yawson has been organizing classes online for musicians to improve their craft.

“I’ve created platforms for musicians to learn, we have the English and Twi platforms to suit everyone. Every three days, the lecturers come to teach and we ask questions, we are using this time to upgrade our knowledge in music,” he said.

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